[games_access] Motion Blur in Call of the Sea - Can't Turn Off

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Wed Dec 9 11:16:50 MST 2020

Ive also reported a couple other things
-run is hold not toggle
-zoom is nonrebindable
Hang in there folks. I know Raw Fury will support the dev team in a fixing
if they can

On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 7:00 AM Ian Hamilton <i_h at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I've tweeted some of the team members, I'll tag you on the tweet
> Ian
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> Hey Everyone,
> I hope someone here has contact with the developer of 'Call of the Sea',
> Out of the Blue Games.
> My friend and his girlfriend played the game last night and the motion
> blur made it almost unbearable for them. The game itself is enjoyable if it
> wasn't for that. Motion Sickness is a real problem that is sadly often
> overlooked.
> I would like to get a big push from our community towards the developer to
> make the game more accessible by making the motion blur adjustable or even
> that it can be turned off similar how Naughty Dog did in The Last of Us 2
> or even in Action-packed games like the Call of Duty series.
> There are also social media posts on how sadly someone had to get the game
> refunded due to the terrible motion sickness that was experienced here:
> https://twitter.com/caraidart/status/1274446964541870083?lang=en
> <https://twitter.com/caraidart/status/1274446964541870083?lang=en>
> In the meanwhile I will try to reach out to them myself, too.
> Sincerely,
> Andreas Lopez
> Project Manager, Apprenticeship & Inclusion Advocate
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