[games_access] Logitech unveils an affordable button kit for the Xbox Adaptive Controller | Engadget

Barrie Ellis oneswitch at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 06:44:52 MST 2019

Get a photo if you can next time. I'll do the same if I'm up there for
anything near by. It is quite a thing for sure. Dreamt it a long time ago.
Would be lovely to see it.

On Fri, 22 Nov 2019 at 13:25, Ian Hamilton <i_h at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I was hoping to get to the Microsoft store while I was in London yesterday
> but didn't have time, seeing a bunch of switches to buy in a shop in
> central London would be quite a thing 🙂
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> Just received my Logitech Adaptive Gaming kit. Has the same nice easy to
> open method as the XAC has.
> Amazing value for money. Looks the part. Velcro works very nicely indeed,
> and the boards are excellent. Velcro cable tidies very thoughtful addition.
> Of note the finger switches take about 80g of force to activate, which is
> significantly more than the very similar ATEC Ultralight finger switches.
> For people with weaker muscles, the ATEC switches are a better bet.
> The smallest of the Logitech round switches (3cm diameter) takes the least
> pressure to activate (about 55g). The larger one (6.5cm diameter approx)
> takes about 80g to activate. The analogue triggers around 150g pressure and
> about 35 degrees of motion to go from fully off to fully depressed. Quite a
> large range of movement, much more than a standard joypad trigger, but for
> some that will be a good thing.
> All the switches use micro-switches so they're quite clicky in use. About
> 18mm from base to top, so fairly low-profile. The round switches work form
> all angles, but best from the top. They're very light weight in your hand,
> don't feel as strong as the likes of an AbleNet switch, but I imagine
> they'll take a beating. The switches have M3 threaded mount holes which is
> a really nice touch.
> Aside from the two triggers (for LT and RT) this kit will work on any
> switch accessible equipment with a 3.5mm mono compatible socket.
> Stickers are great (would have liked some non Xbox branded ones personally
> - e.g. just colours etc.) as really useful for things like switch adapted
> toys and Playstation use.
> Lovely bit of kit all in all.
> Barrie
> OneSwitch.org.uk
> On Mon, 18 Nov 2019 at 15:30, IGDA Games Accessibility SIG <
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> Great news
> https://www.engadget.com/2019/11/18/logitech-adaptive-gaming-kit/
> Kind regards,
> Thomas
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