[games_access] Logitech unveils an affordable button kit for the Xbox Adaptive Controller | Engadget

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I was hoping to get to the Microsoft store while I was in London yesterday but didn't have time, seeing a bunch of switches to buy in a shop in central London would be quite a thing 🙂
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Just received my Logitech Adaptive Gaming kit. Has the same nice easy to open method as the XAC has.

Amazing value for money. Looks the part. Velcro works very nicely indeed, and the boards are excellent. Velcro cable tidies very thoughtful addition.

Of note the finger switches take about 80g of force to activate, which is significantly more than the very similar ATEC Ultralight finger switches. For people with weaker muscles, the ATEC switches are a better bet.

The smallest of the Logitech round switches (3cm diameter) takes the least pressure to activate (about 55g). The larger one (6.5cm diameter approx) takes about 80g to activate. The analogue triggers around 150g pressure and about 35 degrees of motion to go from fully off to fully depressed. Quite a large range of movement, much more than a standard joypad trigger, but for some that will be a good thing.

All the switches use micro-switches so they're quite clicky in use. About 18mm from base to top, so fairly low-profile. The round switches work form all angles, but best from the top. They're very light weight in your hand, don't feel as strong as the likes of an AbleNet switch, but I imagine they'll take a beating. The switches have M3 threaded mount holes which is a really nice touch.

Aside from the two triggers (for LT and RT) this kit will work on any switch accessible equipment with a 3.5mm mono compatible socket.

Stickers are great (would have liked some non Xbox branded ones personally - e.g. just colours etc.) as really useful for things like switch adapted toys and Playstation use.

Lovely bit of kit all in all.


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Great news


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