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Fri Nov 15 05:23:58 MST 2019

I should also point out that, AFAIK, we haven't had privacy issues with 
the list so we can certainly change things back if that's the 
consensus.  If we do decide to keep this new setting in place then 
please make sure you sign your emails otherwise nobody will know who the 
message is from!

-- Chad

On 11/15/19 4:16 AM, IGDA Games Accessibility SIG Mailing List wrote:
> Just a few quick notes about the mailing list.
> There were some lingering quirks after the list's migration from the 
> old /pair.net/ servers to the new /igda.com/ servers.  Unfortunately, 
> anyone requesting access during this time needed explicit approval 
> before they were able to join the list.  In the past, people simply 
> needed to verify their email address.
> This is fixed now and things are back to how they were before. Also, 
> everyone who had previously submitted a request to join the list is 
> now a member.  Welcome!
> A few other minor changes:
> 1) Sender email addresses should now being hidden and only the 
> /games_access at lists.igda.org /address is associated with each message 
> posted to the list.
> 2) Only registered email addresses are able to share to the list.
> -- Chad
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