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No it was just the text I sent, it was via our Contact form

> On 1Oct 2018, at 10:14, Ian Hamilton <i_h at hotmail.com> wrote:
> So just a basic match-3 game then? Did they give any specifics on what kind of 'easier to play' they're after? If they go for an iPad they can use the guided access feature to keep them from accidentally ending up in the OS or system menus
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> Subject: [games_access] tablet game for people with dementia
> Hi all,
> I got this question but I don’t have a good answer.
> Anyone?
> " I am looking for a hand-held tablet for a Senior with dementia that has a game like candy crush that is modified to make it easier to play and doesn’t need internet connection. I can’t seem to find anything like this online."
> Best,
> Thomas
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